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Adding a Co-Host

Adding a Co-Host

Adding a Co-Host


One of the great features of the Tailgreeter app is the ability to add a Co-Host. The Co-Host is able to scan QR Codes but does not have access to other tailgate information such as the guest list, the listing, or the ability to drop a pin. This feature allows Hosts to have someone else run the door without giving them access to information that they don’t need.


How to set up an employee as a Co-Host:


  1. Go to, which is located under the profile drop-down menu.
  2. Search for your employee’s email address.
  3. If the search returns a result click Assign and Confirm. 
    1. If not click the Send him an invitation link, which will send them an invitation to register, and insert their email address. Once they have registered, select them and proceed by Assigning and Confirming.
  4. Your employee will receive an email notifying them that they are assigned as a co-host and they are ready to scan. 


Follow the instructions on Scanning 101 to scan guests' QR Codes and if the guest can’t find their tickets then the Locating Lost Tickets .

PS: If the employee receives an invalid QR code response have them sign in and out of their account

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