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In our never-ending quest to help you, our hosts, make more money with which to spread the joy of tailgating, we at Tailgreeter are now offering Buy Now, Pay Later through Klarna and Affirm. We believe this will help some of the guests purchase larger ticket items like trips or packages, and therefore, you, our hosts, will have the opportunity to create these packages and sell more of them.


You might be wondering, will I only get part of the sale at once? No, you will be paid in full like any normal purchase, so there is nothing to worry about there. Your guests will be allowed to pay over time on a schedule they choose.


Here’s how it works:


  1. Guest places an order for a tailgate spot or spots per usual
  2. The guest is taken to the Stripe checkout
  3. Under the payment method, the guest chooses a Buy Now Pay Later Provider like Klarna or Affirm
  4. The user follows the Buy Now Play Later providers steps
  5. Purchase is made via the Buy Now Pay Later Provider


We think this will help make tailgating even more accessible and fun (if possible)!

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