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Scanning 101
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Scanning 101

How to Scan a QR Code:

This app was designed to be simple and easy. Have no fear in three simple steps, we’ll have you scanning tickets!


  1. Open the app and select the profile tab, you will see a QR code in the top right corner, click on it. See Below:



  1. Once in the QR code Scanner section, you will see two options. Choose the Tickets option

  1. The app will ask permission to use the camera, grant it and then you are ready to start scanning QR codes.

How to Tell Different Types of QR Codes:

The Ticket will clearly state its Tier if it has one directly on the QR code.

Mobile Browser:



Results Of Scanning A QR Code:

  1. Accepted: This QR Code is Good and the person can enter.
  2. Code Already Used: This QR Code has been used already, so ask the person if they have a different code.
  3. Invalid: This QR code is not for your tailgate. This code may cause your reader to freeze.
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