How to Drop a Pin

How to Drop a Pin

Welcome to another “how-to” from your friends here at Tailgreeter. Today, we’re discussing dropping a pin to pinpoint your location using the official Tailgreeter app on your smartphone. We had a lot of fun as kids searching for Waldo, but you do not want to be Waldo! As a host, you want to be more like Terry Bradshaw: you’re everywhere and even when people aren’t looking for you, they know where you are.


Dropping a pin is like putting up a Las Vegas hotel sign, or writing your name across the top of your building, but it’s much easier and costs you nothing. Here we go:

  1. When you get to your tailgate location, open the app on your smartphone.
  2. Go to the "My Tailgates" tab at the bottom of the app, click on hosting and choose today’s tailgate.                               
  3. Next to the address, you provided, right above the map, there is a big RED button with an icon that says “Drop a Pin.” Click the red button at this point, your phone may ask you to allow location services. Please so.                                                       
  4.  A window will pop up asking if this is where you would like to prop the pin. After double-checking, that the pin is in the right location and hit "Drop a pin" again.                                                                                                                                                     


That’s it! Your guests will now have an updated, pinpoint location of your party, making you the easiest Waldo to find in the history of Where’s Waldo. Congratulations!

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