Improving Your Tailgate Listing

Improving Your Tailgate Listing

My wife says that she married me, in part, because I do the writing in the family. Now, I recognize that not everyone is a good writer (me included), but that doesn’t mean your tailgate description can’t be freaking awesome! Here are some tips on improving your listing.


Short and Sweet

No one wants to read an 800-page book, unless you’re an English teacher or really love to read. This concept applies to your listing as well! Get to the point quickly and tell your guests what to expect at your tailgate. The first few sentences should tell them everything they need to know. If you want to write more details later, that’s wonderful, but hook them early and give them the business.


Put Yourself in Your Guests’ Shoes

We know you are a pro, but your guests might be newbies to the scene. So, talk to them like you would to a first-time tailgater. Food, drinks, entertainment, and anticipated attendance are good places to start painting a picture for your guests. Like Virgil was for Dante, guide these souls and show them what tailgating is all about. 


Tell Your Story

We are in the business of promoting you! Your unique traditions, background, experiences, and one-of-a-kind character are what make you special, and your guests want a special experience. Highlight your highlights and focus on the parts of your tailgate that are unique and different. Tell them why attending your party will change their life and introduce them to the culture you built. Be a hero.

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