Registering As A Host

Registering  As A Host

So, you want to be a host…


Well first you’ll have to fill out some forms, and I know what you want to say: “filling out forms is awful.” We agree, but once you’ve registered with Tailgreeter and set up a Stripe account, you’ll be ready to list on the platform.


Start by going to


On the home screen, click LOG IN, which will take you to a new page with a big RED BUTTON that says “REGISTER,” and, you guessed it, click it.


The first fields three are mandatory:


  • First, last name, and email are self-explanatory
  • Display Name is the name people will see when they view your listing or your guest pass

You can add a phone number, referral code, and address if you want to. This information makes contacting you easier, but it is up to you.


  • Finally, create a password and write it twice.
  • Check the box to ACCEPT PRIVACY POLICY
  • Click REGISTER


You will receive an email immediately to confirm your account, if you don’t see it, it’s most likely in your spam folder. Find it click confirm and you are officially registered on Tailgreeter.


You are officially halfway done, pat yourself on the back. Now, let’s get you paid.


On the Tailgreeter site, click on the Host a tailgate button which will take you to Stripe.


The steps from here will vary depending on how your company, organization, or you as an individual are set up, but if you follow the steps and have your EIN, Drivers License/know your social security number and have either a debit card or bank account handy then registration will be fairly straight forward.


Once you’ve registered for a Stripe account, click on the Host a Tailgate button again and you’ll be ready to create your first listing!

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