Monday, September 19, 2022
Event Size
Large (200-500)
Start Time
3.5 hours before game
.5 miles

Join the fun for just $125 for all 6 tailgates. Be a part of an amazing atmosphere with all of the food, drinks, games, and music included!

Games Inlcluded

Eagles vs. Vikings 9/19/22

Eagles vs. Cowboys 10/16/22

Eagles vs. Steelers 10/30/22

Eagles vs. Commanders 11/14/22

Eagles vs. Titans 12/4/22

Eagles vs. Giants 1/8/22

Type of Tailgate
Accessibility of Bathrooms
Atmosphere of the Tailgate
Adults 21+
Type of Lot
Grass Lot
Size of the Tailgate
Large (200-500)
Guests Can Stay
Event Check-In:

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$125.00 / Per Guest