Sunday, September 24, 2023
Event Size
Monster (500+)
Start Time
09/24/2023 06:00 AM
End Time
01:00 PM
2.00 Minutes Walk

A veteran-ran, open-to-the-public, Full-F***ing-send tailgate that could accurately be described as an orchestrated symphony of chaos and debauchery.

When you think of the U.S. Military and the average crowd at a large-scale tailgate party, you might not think there's much the two have in common. Hell, for most things at surface level that come to mind, you'd be exactly right. However, there is a very important characteristic they both share: Each group consists of a melting pot of different personalities and backgrounds coming together to achieve a common mission. Unite those two groups for a common cause, darken the sense of humor by about 50 shades, add in literal truck loads of booze, and you get our ragtag band of jolly idiots at the Veterans Tailgate Zone!

In short, our tailgate group is a collection of Green Bay veterans and veteran organizations that come together to host a massive tailgate party for every home Packers game, all while raising money for veteran-related causes and chipping away at the wall separating the veteran community from the rest of the general public. 




















Come tailgate with the Lambeau Veterans Group in the shadow of LAMBEAU FIELD (read that again in the deepest voice you can imagine) as the New Orleans Saints take on the Green Bay Packers! All fans are welcome, regardless of team allegiance!

We have an incredible tailgate with:

  • Upbeat music played by a professional DJ (and the mountain of speakers he brings)
  • Home-made apple pie shots for our trademark shot-ski
  • Full Open Bar with mixed drinks, beer, and seltzers


We will also have tents for shade and shelter from the elements, TV's for before and during new games, and a viewing area during the game for anyone who wants to come tailgate but doesn't have tickets!


Our tailgates traditionally get very rowdy, but children are more than welcome (with an accompanying adult), and we tailor our atmosphere to be fun for everyone, regardless of age.


Finally, we do also offer additional "night out on the town" packages over the weekend for those who would like the experience of going out with a local host to see some of the more fun bars and events happening around town. Feel free to reach out to us directly for more info on that!



This is a free tailgate. However, donations are appreciated! (But not required). The booking fee posted is purely for convenience, but to simply connect with the hosts and ensure accommodations are made for you and/or your group, use the code: GoPackGo at checkout to waive the booking fee. Your donations help to offset costs associated with hosting large crowds, which are all paid out-of-pocket by the event hosts!

Atmosphere of the Tailgate
Adults 21+
Type of Lot
Grass Lot
Size of the Tailgate
Monster (500+)
Type of Tailgate
Multiple Vehicle
Accessibility of Bathrooms
Guests Can Stay
Type of Music
Live DJ, Pop, Country, Rock, Rap, Hip Hop, Dance
TV, Electricity, Heat
Bring Your Own Booze, Soft Drinks, Domestic Beer, Value Beer, Premium Liquor

This Tailgate includes:

**To maintain positive vibes, this operates as a "free" tailgate made up of veteran volunteers. Expenses are paid out of our own pockets up-front and (hopefully) reimbursed via donations in the tip buckets and from sponsors. By paying via Tailgreeter, you help to provide us with a proper head count to ensure everything is properly stocked and staffed, plus get directed to a Point of Contact who can help with any questions that arise in advance of game day!**

Our Tailgate Amenities include:


Enough to down a small herd of elephants, including

  • Continuously-running shot-skis of DoughBall Cookie Dough Whiskey and home-made Apple Pie Moon Shine
  • Full Open Bar with a wide variety of mixed drinks, beer, and seltzers
  • Veteran Bartender(ish) Volunteers to point at coolers and tell you to grab your own damn drinks!


We operate on a mostly liquid diet, but do serve a "Keggs and Eggs" breakfast at 6 AM game day mornings. This consists of:

  • Eggs (duh!) that can be made-to-order either scrambled, or scrambled. With cheese. 
  • Bacon. Probably not Kosher. Definitely not Halal.
  • Hash Browns. Like the ones at McDonald's.
  • Assorted Bloody Mary Garnishes. Because... Wisconsin.


Music! Upbeat music played by a professional DJ. We offer no endorsement or assurances of whether the guy is actually any good at his job.

  • Speakers! A whole mountain of em, placed all around the tailgate site, to ensure that when we're jamming out to Nickelback's Greatest Hits (and there are so many to choose from), so is the rest of the neighborhood. 
  • Microphones! For those passive-aggressive announcements and shout-outs to make the day memorable for all. The DJ may or may not be speaking in "cursive," an English dialect very distinct to Northeastern Wisconsin. 
Event Check-In:

Please find your tickets before you arrive and have them ready to be scanned, so you can get to the good parts faster.

This article can help you if you are having issues finding your tickets:

Also, you can speed up check-in by sharing any extra tickets purchased with your friends within your account or on the app.

DISREGARD ALL THE CHECK-IN DIRECTIONS ABOVE!!! We are located next to the Southeast Border of the Lambeau Field Parking Lot on 880 Stadium Drive (on the corner of Oneida St and Stadium Dr). The tailgate area is in the back yard, adjacent to Oneida St, across from the practice field (Don Hutson Center). There is a short fence separating the tailgate yard from the entrance to Lot 1. You will need to park somewhere nearby (any house or business on the block offers parking) and walk over. Find the Apple Pie flag and follow the music. When you get to the area, look for the idiot in the striped overalls and cowboy hat (Ryan) if you have any questions when you arrive!
$30.00 / Per Guest