Sunday, October 6, 2024
Event Size
Monster (500+)
Start Time
10/06/2024 03:00 PM
End Time
08:00 PM
0.05 Minutes Walk


We are a collective of Steelers Fan Clubs and Tailgates who throw the BIGGEST PARTY in the Northside. Our lot hosts include Tailgating Hall of Fame member YinzerMOB, SteelPride Family: Pittsburgh Chapter & the Steel_ER_Mobile. Each group has years of tailgate experience. We have come together at 1125 Western Ave. to provide not only Steelers fans, but all fan bases with a true taste of Pittsburgh Tailgating. No matter who you are, you can count on us to show you the time of your life, while enhancing your Gameday Experience. So stop on by the Pittsburgh Tailgate, because no matter who wins the game, THE TAILGATE IS UNDEFEATED!

Atmosphere of the Tailgate
Family Friendly
Type of Lot
Asphalt Lot
Size of the Tailgate
Monster (500+)
Type of Tailgate
Multiple Vehicle
Accessibility of Bathrooms
Guests Can Stay

This Tailgate includes:

Tailgate Admission ($40)
All You Can Eat & Drink (Non-Alcoholic Beverages, Beer, Alcohol)
Drinks Only ($20)
All You Can Drink (Non-Alcoholic Beverages, Beer, Alcohol)
Event Check-In:

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We are located at 1125 Western Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15212
$40.00 / Per Guest
All-Inclusive Tailgate
Drinks Only