Sunday, September 11, 2022
Event Size
Monster (500+)
Start Time
4 hours before game time
4 minute walk

From the belly of the beast known as Thunder Alley at So-Fi stadium comes the Tailgate Hall of fame crew of Swooping D tailgate. This crew has hosted people from all over the globe to include former players coaches and outher tailgate crews. They pride themselves on making sure everything is just right for you and your tailgate family because there moto is A tailgate never loses. and the other moto is respect the vibe. 

Type of Tailgate
Multiple Vehicle
Accessibility of Bathrooms
Atmosphere of the Tailgate
Family Friendly
Type of Lot
Asphalt Lot
Size of the Tailgate
Monster (500+)
Guests Can Stay
Type of Music
Pop, Country, Rock, Alternative, Dance, Blues, Rap, Hip Hop, Live DJ, Band, Playlist
Snacks, Appetizers, Grilled Meats
Water, Soft Drinks
Seating, Shade, Electricity
Event Check-In:

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Pink Lot letter I PINK- eye ....
$30.00 / Per Guest
Event Location
so fi stadium