Sunday, September 11, 2022
Event Size
Large (200-500)
Start Time
4 hours before kickoff
2minute walk

Come tailgate with the TailgateWarriors in a family safe and fun party atmosphere. TailgateWarriors are proudly the only Arizona chapter of the Tailgate Hall of Fame. We welcome all fans, home and away.  We always have lots of food and adult beverages flowing. Our Bartenders always have a signature drink and our tailgate shots ready to go. There is no charge to join but donations are encouraged.  All donations collected this tailgate will be donated to HopeKids Charity. We look forward to seeing you!

Type of Tailgate
Multiple Vehicle
Accessibility of Bathrooms
Atmosphere of the Tailgate
Family Friendly
Type of Lot
Asphalt Lot
Size of the Tailgate
Large (200-500)
Guests Can Stay
Type of Music
Pop, Country, Rock, Dance, Hip Hop, Playlist
Snacks, Appetizers, Grilled Meats
Water, Soft Drinks
TV, Seating, Shade
Event Check-In:

Please find your tickets before you arrive and have them ready to be scanned, so you can get to the good parts faster.

This article can help you if you are having issues finding your tickets:

Also, you can speed up check-in by sharing any extra tickets purchased with your friends within your account or on the app.

We are in the Green East lot, down the middle sidewalk leading to entrance 3. Just look for our flags and TailgateWarriors Van
FREE EVENT / Per Guest