Saturday, October 21, 2023
Event Size
Monster (500+)
Start Time
10/21/2023 08:30 AM
End Time
12:00 PM
5.00 Minutes Walk

Welcome to The Den Tailgate – a vibrant community of Cincinnati Bearcats fans, comprised of UC alumni and friends. Join us at the Grid tailgate on Sigma Sigma Commons near Scioto Hall, where you'll find the famous Bearcat Tailgater trailer, DJ Mike Wazowske, lawn games, community coolers, tables, buckets for canned beers, cups, koozies, and more. Help us continue this fantastic tradition by contributing to The Den!

Atmosphere of the Tailgate
Family Friendly
Type of Lot
Grass Lot
Size of the Tailgate
Monster (500+)
Type of Tailgate
Accessibility of Bathrooms
Guests Can Stay
Type of Music
Live DJ
Bring Your Own Booze, Water, Soft Drinks, Domestic Beer, Craft Beer, Value Beer
Lawn Games, TV, Shade, Electricity, Outdoor Area

This Tailgate includes:

Here's the lowdown:

🥯 Busken Bakery is rustlin' up some top-notch donuts & pastries to keep them bellies full and happy.

🎶 DJ Wazowske's fixin' to spin a brand spankin' new set, filled with country hits that'll get your boots a-tappin'!

🥂 BYOB, folks! Toss your beverages into the community coolers and let's keep the river of good times flowin'!

🍻 A mighty big shoutout to our keg sponsor, Andrew Guenther! He's ponyin' up a keg of that good ol' Cincy Light.

🙌 Your contributions are the lifeblood of this shindig, helpin' us rustle up all the fixin's from supplies to chow that turn The Den into the best durn tailgate this side of the Mississippi. Please consider making a $5 Gameday donation.

Now, don't miss out on the CATWALK at 9:30 AM. Let's show them Bearcats some love as they strut their stuff out on them commons.

So, mark it down in your calendars, gather up your posse, and let's make this tailgate a hootin' hollerin' memory for the ages! We'll be lookin' for ya, partner!

Event Check-In:

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Find The Den on Sigma Sigma Commons, in the shadow of Scioto Hall, as part of The Grid.
$5.00 / Per Guest